A Beginner’s Guide To Finding The Best Bivy Sack Available

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The bivy sack is, arguably, the most basic kind of outdoors shelter available.  It is especially beneficial to those who are attending outdoor adventures as it allows you to appreciate the outdoors without worrying too much about sleeping gear.  The bivy bag is portable and quite effortless to use, which means that you will not have any problem utilizing them regardless of your camping skill.  Furthermore, they are very spacious, so you are able to lie down and be secure when outdoors.  Of course, finding the ideal bivy sack does require some consideration, and this article will act as a guide to help in this task.

Among some of the finest choices for any camper to purchase when choosing a shelter option is the tent.  The tent is perfect as it can be used in any weather, in any location, and at any time of year.  The 3 season tents are beneficial as they are much lighter than other tents; as well as being extremely compact.  A bivy tent is similar to this type of season tent in that it can withstand harsh weather while being portable – an ideal option for day activities and week-long camping trips.

One of the more beneficial options for light backpacking is to find a different type of transportable shelter contrary to tents.  Light backpacking will always call for portability; therefore experts are agreed in promoting the advantage of a bivy tent.  The bivy sacks are highly efficient in that they are portable, compact, and remove any excess weight on a backpack.

At this point, you may be wondering what a bivy bag or bivy sack looks like.  The benefits have been described, but what does the bivy bag contain and how is it used?  Below are some answers to these questions.

The first bivy bag was created from an individual layer of waterproof material designed to act as a slipcover.  This material had not been intended as a form of shelter for individuals, but rather as a safeguard for sleeping bags protecting the sleeping bags from the elements.  However, once campers began experiencing difficulties with their sleeping bags they used the bivy sacks as last resort shelter.  The restricted air flow and condensation in the bivy bag were beneficial as it protected the body from the poor weather while providing a warm sleeping space.

Once the original bivy bag has been used as a form of outdoor shelter, the bivy sack was utilized in conjunction with the sleeping bags.  The majority of the time, the sack would keep the sleeping bag in position ensuring that the individual would remain secure during the night.  For example, if you have a tendency to move in your sleep the bag would eliminate any chance of you rolling out of the sleeping bag.

Obviously, bivy sacks are not completely foolproof despite their advantages.  There are times when moisture will build up in the bag and condensation will form; however, this does not occur as much as it did in previous years.

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